Boaty McBoatface Island Adventure

Over the last few months I’ve been learning how to code and also learning how to incorporate sound effects with audio middleware. This all culminated in a simple game that’s got the rather goofy title “Boaty McBoatface Island Adventure”.

If you haven’t already, then download the game here!

Art Assets are from or free from the Unity Asset Store. Audio middle-ware engine is FMOD.

Essentially how it started was through learning Unity, I decided to one day “fly solo” without just blindly following tutorials all the time. This then gave birth to a very simple game with a very simple square boat on a very simple plane, with a very simple Island. I ended up making the little boat that could:

Later that day I managed to get the boat behaving correctly, staying in the water as opposed to climbing onto land! This was August 18th 2017 when I first started on the game.

A week later I had managed to incorporate a shooting mechanic, the boat can sail and fire cannonballs out the sides.

By the end of august it was getting to quite a playable state, with basic sound effects and everything! I had started getting some external assets in to help with art. I’m very pleased with the overall look with assets from Kenney.

After this I worked on the game much more, basically treating it as a full-time job over the next couple weeks as opposed to just working an hour or so when I felt like it. Many more features were added, including NPC enemy boats, a jet spray that launches the boat into the air. Plus original music, I even spent a day down East Coast Park in Singapore getting Beach sounds (and hoping not too much motorboat/motorway noise ended up in the final game!)

As this project is mostly for learning how to create a game from scratch. The entire Unity project with all files are available on Github.

Further along, the game starts taking shape, with island and targets. The full sound design and music is last to come, I guess you will have to download and play from

Alternatively,  I’ve found a surprising number of Let’s Plays for this game, I’m hugely proud that this game is out and people are enjoying it.

As a cheeky reward for reading this far, here are some of the funny glitches I had while making the game: