I had the pleasure over the last few months to work with Dan Kondratyuk and fellow composer and sound designer Travis W. Hendrix on Dan’s open-source plank puzzle game, Nodulus.


Nodulus is a puzzle game with a clever twist. Based on the mathematical theory behind plank puzzles, consists of a grid of cubes and rods which can be rotated with a swipe. Turn the activated cubes to reach the end cube to win the level.

◉ Original concept – designed and developed by a math lover
◉ 20 increasingly challenging levels that will test your problem solving
◉ Quick and easy level select
◉ Abstract atmosphere with relaxing music
◉ Optimized for touch devices

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The game is open source under the MIT licence and is available on GitHub.

My involvement in this project included making most of the game play and user interface sounds (the musical notes for moving rods, whoosh to the level select screen, the victory arpeggio, error sounds etc.)

The second installment of Mata Mata focuses on post-independent Singapore in the late 60s to 70s — a time when Singapore underwent great transformation as a new nation. Seen through the eyes of young women police officers, the series continues to explore the trials and tribulations they face in maintaining law and order, and also delves into their lives and personal relationships. Mata Mata is inspired by true events and its historical references will enlighten younger Singaporeans and resonate with pioneers who lived through that exciting era.

Full sound edit, sound design & mix for season 2 and parts of season 3 of Mata Mata. Some full episodes are available on Youtube and Season 3 is available on Toggle.

The premiere of Season 3 was shown in Shaw Cinema on Orchard Road in Singapore!

Faculty is a 20-episode drama series, set in a highly-respected private tertiary institution, depicting the never before seen goings-on of the world of University life, exploring the psyche, mindsets, public, private, secret and not so secret lives of the students and the faculty, all united by one common goal: to be the best… or at least to be perceived to be the best.

Sound Design for some episodes, mixes for some episodes. Faculty is available to watch on Toggle.

Mariam’s education is forced to a stop when she is married off to a gangster named Hassan. Hassan is an irresponsible husband, who is willing to sell off his wife for money. This experience causes Mariam to distrust and build a profound hatred towards all men. With the help of Wan Katijah, Mariam is given a job to work in a popular local dance club, Bunga Tanjong. However, Puteh, a senior dancer in Bunga Tanjong, does not welcome Mariam. One day, a fight between groups of gangster happens in the vicinity of the club. The fight threatens to smear the club’s reputation. The owner of Bunga Tanjong, Kim Chian talks about his problem to Kamal, his loyal assistant. Kim Chian then hires men to eliminate the chief gangster

Sound design and mix for this excellent Malay TV series.
I also had the privilege of recording the English dub of Bunga Tanjong, which was a fantastic experience with a great cast and crew!

Bunga Tanjong was also a finalist for Best Television – Entertainment Special Program Mini Series at the New York Festivals 2017.

After a ratings-record breaking third season, Point of Entry returns with even more stories and cases that dominate the headlines in Singapore; from illegal immigrants and human trafficking to maid abuse and scam syndicates.

Sound Design – Music, Effects and Dialogue Editing, plus mixing. Some ADR work was needed, but most of the time actors were not available so had to make do with what was recorded on set. The full series is available to watch on Toggle.